Multipoint Unvented Water Heater Install

Replace Your Hot Water Cylinder and Install a Multipoint Unvented Water Heater to Reduce Energy Bills.

Are you looking to reduce your heating and energy bills?  You could save up to 50% of your heating bills by replacing your old copper cylinder with a Multipoint Unvented Hot Water Heater!  Plumbfix Plumbers of Edinburgh are here to help save money and lower your carbon footprint.

Multipoint Vented Hot Water Heater

There are many advantages to installing a Multipoint Unvented Hot Water Heater

The benefits of advanced technology will offset the initial cost. By installing the latest technology in Hot Water Heaters you will save on energy and maintenance bills. Continue reading to find out why you should remove your copper cylinder.

Reduce Heat Loss 

Save money with hot water on demand and install Multipoint Unvented Water Heater. By investing in the latest technology you will be heating water on demand and no longer paying to heat water stored in a copper cylinder, that you may not use.

Compact Design 

Advanced technology allows for a more compact heating unit which can be wall-mounted, freeing up valuable floor space.

Replace Your Hot Water Copper Cylinder for Improved Water Quality and Lower Maintenance

copper hot water tankwater storage tank

Improve your Water Quality by removing your copper cylinder and replace it with a Multipoint Unvented Water Heater. By providing instant hot water it will remove the risk of  contamination, created by storing water.

Never Run Out of  Hot Water with a continuous supply of instant hot water that removing the need to heat water you aren’t using.

Lower Maintenance because of fewer components and no large storage tank.  This will reduce the risk of  corrosion and scaling and as a result you will have better water quality.

Environmental Benefits

Compared to traditional hot water systems Multipoint Unvented Water Heaters will also lower your carbon footprint as without the need for a large copper cylinder, there’s less material waste when the unit eventually needs to be replaced.

Enhanced Control and Flexibility Temperature Control: Many Multipoint Unvented Water Heaters come with precise temperature control settings, allowing for more comfortable and consistent water temperatures and can also be installed at multiple points of use (e.g., bathrooms and kitchens), providing hot water where and when it’s needed most.


Switching from an old copper hot water cylinder to a Multipoint Unvented Hot Water Heater provides numerous benefits, including:

  • energy efficiency
  • space savings
  • instant hot water
  • lower maintenance
  • improved water quality
  • enhanced control;
  • cost savings
  • environmental benefits.

These advantages make Multipoint Unvented Water Heaters a compelling choice for modern homes.

Reduce your bills hire Your local Edinburgh plumber

to install a Multipoint Unvented Water Heater.

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