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Move a Radiator Hire Plumbfix Plumbers Edinburgh: A Case Study

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How to Move a Radiator and reroute the pipework? Plumbfix Plumbers of Edinburgh were called recently by a customer in Edinburgh who were asked to relocate a radiator.

The benefit of the task on how to move a radiator was being done for a variety of reasons: better optimizing the room space, enhancing the room design, and improving heating efficiency. Plumbfix Plumbers of Edinburgh undertook this project for a client who wanted to move a radiator to a different wall in their bedroom. The job involved re-piping the existing pipework under the floor to the new location, wall mounting the radiator, connecting it to the refill system, and ensuring it was functioning correctly. Here’s how we achieved this transformation.

How to Move a Radiator with Help from a Expert Local Central Heating Engineer

The Initial Consultation and Planning Step:  The first step involved a detailed consultation with the homeowner.
Your Plumbfix Plumber likes to ensure that we fully understand their requirements and assess the feasibility of moving the radiator. The plumber examined the current heating system, the desired new location, and discussed the work outlining the challenges and solutions. In every plumbing job we do it is crucial for setting realistic expectations and prepare our clients at the outset should there be any unforeseen issues.

Edinburgh Plumber Moving a Radiator to a New Wall

Preparing the Room: Before commencing the work, your Plumbfix Plumber prepares the room. This involved clearing the area around the existing radiator and the new location. We will if required cover furniture and flooring to protect against dust and debris. Whilst the work is being carried out might require the turning off the heating system to avoid any accidents.

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Draining the Radiator:
The radiator was drained to prevent water from spilling during the move. The plumber used a hose connected to the radiators valve and carefully drain the water into a bucket, ensuring minimal mess.

Re-Piping Under the Floor:  Part of this job was re-routing the pipework under the floor to the new location. The step required lifting some of the floorboards to carefully access the existing pipework. Then there was measuring and cutting new pipes to fit. The installation work involved installing creating a seamless connection to the new radiator spot. We ensure the pipes are securely fitted and leak-proof.

Wall Mounting the Radiator:  With the pipework in place, the next step was to mount the radiator on the new wall. The task here includes measuring and marking the wall for the brackets, drilling holes, and then securing the radiator in place.

Connecting to the Refill System: After the radiator was mounted, the plumber connected it to the home’s refill system. This step is critical to integrate the relocated radiator back into the home’s heating system, and ensure it functions as intended.

Testing and Final Checks: With everything connected, the final step for the plumber was to refill the system, bleed the radiator to remove any air trapped inside. Final step, check for leaks. Once confirmed the radiator was heating up evenly and there were no issues, the plumber will always conduct a final clean-up, restoring the room to its original state.

Things to Consider when Moving or Installing a Radiator

Moving a radiator might not always be a straightforward task. Every job Plumbfix Plumbers of Edinburgh do requires careful planning, precision, and applying our expertise. The benefits of having hired us as your local plumber in edinburgh to fit your radiator and to deliver the outcome you want. That outcome is likely to be a better room layout and improved heating efficiency. For our client, the relocated radiator not only enhanced the bedroom’s aesthetic look but also provided a more comfortable revamped living space. This case stufy demonstrates the importance of hiring professional expertise to tackle your home improvement tasks that go beyond cosmetic changes, ensuring safety, functionality, and satisfaction.

The Conclusion from Plumbfix Plumbing of Edinburgh:

Radiator Plumbers EdinburghWhether you’re considering relocating a radiator for aesthetic or for practical reasons, to acquire the transformative impact such changes can have on your home, why not give Plumbfix Plumbers and talk with a professional to ensure the job is done right, keeping your home warm and without the hassle a DIY approach may bring.